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Andrea Sisti elected world president of agronomists

Georgofili member Andrea Sisti, head of the Consiglio dell’Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi e Forestali (FIDAF), has been elected president of the AMIA-WAA, World Association of Agronomists,  and, with the passing of the baton at the 6th world congress held in the past few days at EXPO, he will lead the association for the next four years (2015-2019).
The general secretary, Mattia Busti, is also from Italy.
Sisti succeeds Maria Cruz Diaz Alvarez from Spain as president; she was elected in 2008 and reappointed four years later at the Quebec congress. Before that, the presidents were Claudio Enrique Manuel Ortiz Rojas from Chile, Luis Fernando Zuloaga Albarràn from Mexico, and Carlos Pieta Filho from Brazil.
The World Association of Agronomists, with more than a million professionals, has two continental members representing respectively the Pan American Association of Agronomist Engineers and CEDIA - European Confederation of Agronomists Associations, in addition to national associations and orders from almost all countries..
Sisti’s tenure will certainly not be ordinary during this historical phase in which the growing worldwide transformation in progress is unsettling the social and economic situation in every country. His determination to involve the FAO in AMIA-WAA initiatives and programs is highly valued as is his focus on continual professional development and a strong, incisive communication campaign.
On more than one occasion he has confirmed agriculture’s centrality, especially where widespread industrialization has led to its increasingly worrying marginalization, as if it were something relegated to the past, and he has supported the necessity of highlighting the fundamental role of agronomists, bearers of theoretical, technical, and practical qualifications, characterized by a specialized knowledge for which there is no substitute.

(Luigi Rossi -