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Introducing Georgofili...

Since 1753, when the Georgofili Academy was established by the grand duke of Tuscany as the first academy of agriculture in Europe, , the academy has continued to be a reference for policies on agriculture, land management, and environment through various historical periods up to today.
The Academy has gathered the most active and professionally expert scientists from the Italian and international worlds of academia who, together with farmers, represent the various areas of agriculture production (about 700 academy members).
The Georgofili’s activities are dedicated—mainly through the academy’s scientific committees—to discussing modern developments in the fields of agriculture and the environment, which are presented during public lectures, conferences, and seminars.
Until now, we have communicated our activities and news in Italian through Georgofili.INFO ( Additionally, we are starting a monthly publication completely in English (www.Georgofili.WORLD) which is intended to collect the contributions of the academy members all over the world and to promote a discussion of those topics with which the Georgofili are dealing worldwide.
The Georgofili will continue to publish the volumes of their Proceedings every year, as they have been doing for centuries, to keep in archives and libraries the documentation of the academy’s activities. Today these volumes, or parts of them, can be downloaded free of charge from our website ( Changing habits, driven by technological innovations, have persuaded us to update the means of communication, using faster and more concise digital tools able to reach in real time every corner of the world and to disseminate information as well as open dialogues and partnerships against a broader horizon.
Thanking you for your attention, we will be grateful if you kindly promote our free newsletter, by sending us the e-mail addresses of all the people you think may be interested in these topics.

(Giampiero Maracchi, President of Georgofili Academy)