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Climate, alarm for the USA: “by the end of the century, there will be an epochal drought with severe consequences”

An epochal drought will strike the western United States in the second part of the century, causing catastrophic changes to livability in the entire area due to a massive lack of water and the effects on the entire ecosystem and on agriculture. 
This forecast comes from NASA’s careful models which lay the blame on the greenhouse effect for the upcoming climate change. The report says the probability of a mega-drought lasting at least 35 years striking the Southwest and the Great Plains by 2100 is now more than 80% if the world continues on the same path as regards harmful gas emissions.
 The authors of this study, published in the journal Science Advances, are scientists from NASA and from Columbia and Cornell Universities, who observed that even if various countries reduced emissions by half of the objectives set, the probability of a mega-drought in the Great Plains would only drop to 60-70% while still remaining at 80% for the West.
“Even in this scenario we see enough of the greenhouse effect pushing us towards a worse drought for the region than the one experienced in the Middle Ages” pointed out one of the study’s authors Benjamin Cook from the NASA Goddard Institute in New York. Research warns about the growing danger of such vegetation dryness as fires of vast proportions may be triggered in parts of California and in southern Arizona.

(See:  - 18th February 2015)