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The scientist’s duty to reveal findings to the public

We believe that this piece published by the neurologist Rosario Sorrentino in Il Corriere della Sera on 14/02/2015 deserves to be passed on to our researchers. We consider it a useful concept that should be disseminated to those we encourage to work with our publication.  

... I believe scientists should sacrifice a bit of the precious time they dedicate to research, shifting their focus also to the dissemination of scientific knowledge with the determination to do so enthusiastically and as simply and clearly as possible...
Popular science should become a new cultural paradigm, a "parallel culture" that enables modern scientists to better pursue both knowledge acquired and their own way of expressing themselves so as to make it as interesting as possible.

Science can aspire to becoming the primary seat for information and training in society, but this change must begin in universities by preparing future scientists, when they turn to others, to speak with absolute clarity. Only in this way will people follow us in our work, support us, and perhaps will value us more…” 
So let us train our brains to what I consider to be the quality that cannot be disregarded by those wishing to communicate effectively,  as I think the true dialectic is not the art of persuading or convincing others but rather  the ability to convey sometimes cryptic and incomprehensible concepts in the simplest possible way.