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Election at the Georgofili Academy, Giampiero Maracchi confirmed to the Presidency

Giampiero Maracchi has been confirmed in his appointment as President of the Georgofili Academy for the four-year period 2016-2020. This was the result of the election that took place last Monday 20 June during the assembly of the Academy members where the Emeritus and Ordinary members voted for the appointment of the President and the two Vice-presidents.
99% of the voters voted for Maracchi confirming his second consecutive mandate since July 2014. Giampiero Maracchi thanks and wishes for the full cooperation of all members for the achievement of all the programs and plans which were presented on the occasion of the opening of the Georgofili Academy’s 263rd year. Pietro Piccarolo was confirmed vice-president and Antonio Michele Stanca was appointed vice-president.

Pietro Piccarolo

Michele Stanca