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“Global Warming is not an opinion. Common sense is needed”

Here follows Elena Dusi’s interview with Giampiero Maracchi, president of the Georgofili Academy, published in La Repubblica on Sunday, 5 December 2015

“Climate change can be measured. It cannot be any more scientific than that. The oceans’ heat content since the 1970s up to today has increased 5-6 times and that was measured via satellite. It is not an opinion,” explains Giampiero Maracchi, climatologist at the Florence University and founder of the CNR/National Research Council Institute of Biometeorology.

What certainties do we have when talking about the climate?
“A climate change in under way, this is unmistakable. We know how much greenhouse gas we emit because we know how much oil we burn. And we know very well the effect of these gases on the atmosphere. However, forecast models for the future are more uncertain.”

There have also been warming phases in the past.
“But they took millions of years. This time everything has happened in the space of one hundred years.”

Is the fault clearly human?
“About 95%. That should be enough for us to be worried if we have any common sense”.